8/12/16 Rangers Anthem

(Perhaps the windiest anthem I've done!)

5/5/08 Dodger Anthem

(Apologies for the cut off beginning and the shaky camera work, but thank you to friends for taping!)

"You almost want to stop the game. You almost just want to stop the game and have that girl come and sing another beautiful rendition of 'God Bless America.'" -- NY Mets manager Terry Collins, postgame interview, after the rousing chants of "USA! USA!" in the stadium when word spread of the death of bin Laden, May 1, 2011, Phillies vs. Mets. 

Just for fun: a little medley I put together about some of my favorite NY Mets baseball players!

PRINT ARTICLE: "Singer on 'Quest' Across Stadiums" from the Darien Times, May 16 2013