Hello and thanks for visiting!  I am a professional singer and Broadway performer who has been a huge baseball fan since I was 15. Many baseball fans make a lifelong goal of seeing a game in every single MLB stadium... as a performer I decided I want to SING in every MLB stadium. To date, I have sung for TWENTY-NINE of the thirty Major League Baseball Teams.                    

Join me on my journey to sing for every team in their home stadium, and follow along as I pursue this quest.  You can also 'like' "Annie Edgerton Anthem Quest" on Facebook. Please check back here as I will be adding more photos, lists of teams, scheduled performances, audio clips, media articles, and more.

If you are an MLB Entertainment Director interested in contacting me, or media wanting an interview, please sign the Guestbook with your contact information and I will respond.

Thank you for your support, and PLAY BALL!

I am currently writing a memoir about this 16-year journey -- let me know if you have questions about this endeavor, I'd love to incorporate them! 


Annie edgerton ~ anthem quest


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